Robot Panic

Robot Panic 2.2

Rebuild robots in this entertaining puzzle game

You are a factory worker and your job is to complete the unfinished robots until they reach a robot checker. You are standing on a platform above the passing by unfinished robots.

You have to complete the parts they are missing (e. g. A head might be missing) by just dropping them. A complete robot must have: Body, left hand, right hand, head.

How to play

To drop a Robot part you must stand on it by moving the 'worker' with either the Pen Stylus or the Hard Keys (Palm Joystick) and click on the Robot Part you wish to drop or push the hard button.

Hard Keys

(Date Book = Left, Address = Right) When your 'Worker' stands on the part you wish to drop just press the ‘Memo' button.

PDA's which have a Palm Joystick can use it (Left & Right) and ‘Middle' for action (Drop).


If you are fast enough you can score some extra points by going upon the Robot Checker and clicking repeatedly on the worker.

(Or pushing the action button) This way you take a nap. Sometimes ‘extras' fall from the left side of the game. You must wait below them to collect them.

Robot Panic


Robot Panic 2.2